This country has watched its share of mesmerizing criminal trials over the past 20 years.

Much of the media attention began with O.J. Simpson and his ensuing case dubbed the “Trial of the Century.”

The immense public interest only continued with the likes of Scott Peterson, Conrad Murray, Robert Blake, Phil Spector, Casey Anthony, Drew Peterson and a handful of others.

But nobody, including us, could have foreseen the impact that an unknown Northern California waitress would have on changing the media’s approach to following criminal trials. This book is the story of Jodi Arias and the trial that captivated a nation as it became a cable TV news sensation and lit up the world of social media like no other before.

Over the past year, my company, Wild About Trial, has scoured the country looking for the most interesting criminal trials, often relying on the steady stream of content from The Associated Press, written by one of the authors of this book, in populating our site.

We are a website and mobile app designed to provide live streaming of trials accompanied by a complete interactive experience including live tweeting from inside the courtroom, legal analysis from our staff of attorneys, official court documents, and community forums.

From day one of the Jodi Arias trial and continuing on through the verdict, we saw a dynamic shift in how viewers consumed every facet of the case.

In this modern era of instantaneous news, the public demanded up-to-the-second updates on every element of the trial. They read stories from the AP and other news organizations, but they also wanted to watch it live, in real time, and wanted to peek behind the curtain. So they went to the only logical place today’s public goes to find immediate information: Twitter.

An entire interactive community developed around the Jodi Arias trial.

Wild About Trial placed a reporter in the courtroom live tweeting every update on the case and answering viewer questions, providing the site’s followers with the next best thing to being inside the courtroom itself.

As the online conversation developed, many viewers began to feel left behind if they missed even a single day. The Jodi Arias trial became much more than water cooler talk. It became a must-watch event _ and people were watching it everywhere, on their home or work computers and even on their mobile devices so they never had to miss a moment.

The authors of this book are veteran AP journalists who have each spent more than a decade covering the nation’s most newsworthy stories from the 9-11 terrorist attacks to Hurricane Katrina, the Fort Hood shootings, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, the Colorado movie theater massacre and the Scott Peterson murder trial, just to name a few.

They are able to bring this wealth of experience into their narrative to provide a complete account of the facts in this sensational trial, as well as provide a greater context to understand why the story of a small-town woman accused of murder captivated so many.

This book provides the first comprehensive account of the case from the day Jodi and Travis Alexander met, to the killing, Jodi’s arrest, her ensuing trial and finally, the verdict, written by a journalist who sat in the courtroom throughout every twist and turn of the four-month trial, along with his veteran AP editor. It is a gripping page-turner that covers the entirety of the Jodi Arias saga, perfect for the most avid Jodi Arias trial-watcher or even those just trying to find out what all the fuss is about.

Alison Triessl

Wild About Trial, Founder; co-founder and CEO of the Pasadena Recovery Center; Attorney.
Wild About Trial


This book came together in short order, but we think provides a gripping and entertaining comprehensive account of the entire Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander saga. We hoped to not only provide readers with a full account of the case, from the killing to the verdict, but to delve deeper into the lives of both Jodi and Travis before they met each other and embarked on such a tragic journey.

We’d like to thank our editors, Katie Oyan and Anna Jo Bratton, for their tireless efforts aimed at making sure the book offered a true and factual account of the case, and did so in a way that flowed from start to finish.

We’d also like to thank San Francisco-area criminal defense attorney Michael Cardoza for his never-ending encouragement throughout this project and Los Angeles-area criminal defense lawyer Mark Geragos for providing insightful offerings on the legal system. Phoenix criminal defense lawyer Julio Laboy also contributed a great deal of insight for the book.

Wild About Trial founder Alison Triessl cannot be overlooked for writing the foreword that put this book into the context of the social media environment that helped make this case such a national sensation, and WAT reporter and CTO of Wild About Trial "Wild" Michael Williams for his incredible work on the book’s cover and website.

We offer a big thanks to Waterfront Digital Publishing and Vook, along with our agents, Bill Gladstone and Jack Jennings, for their constant support and encouragement.

And lastly, we’d like to thank our managers at The Associated Press for affording us the opportunity to pursue this project, and the entire company for giving us a platform on which to tell this story and so many others over the years.